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Waves and Water

"Study for Undulus" "Tempete de Mer"  
"Rolling Water" "Undulus"  
"Brewing Storm" "Nordic Light"  
"Wall of Water" "Surge" "La Vague" "Green Water"  
"Floating Ice"        



"A Softer Touch"



"Refuge" "Acta Est Fabula"






"Spirit Mountain"





"Snapping Trail"  



"Le Marais"

"The Swamp"


"Looking North" "Still Life"


"Highland" "Flying Dream"  


"Up North" "Remembering the Light" "L' Etang"  
"The Canal"


"Melting Light" "Rolling Clouds"  

Winter Landscapes





Corduroy Field


Corn, Bananas, Lemons      

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